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Truett’s Tips – Best place to get a key made?

What’s the best place to get a key copied? Have you ever wondered why you should go to a locksmith instead of using an automated machine? Here’s why: the quality of copies made from a key depends on the quality of the machine that’s making them. Professional locksmiths have the most precise and well-maintained equipment available, so they get the best results. Don’t take a risk with your security or your time by getting a bad key made. Truett Lock and Key will come right to you handle any key copies that you need. Call us today!
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Truett’s Tips – Keep Your Home Secure with Anti-Drill Locks

We know how important home security is. Did you know that some locks are designed to be anti-drill, or drill resistant. The manufacturer infuses the lock casing with hardened steel chips. If an intruder attempts to drill into the lock, these chips will tear up the drill bit. We can help you pick out the best lock for your home (or business!). If you’re curious about an anti-drill or drill resistant solution give Truett Lock and Key a call!
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Truett’s Tips – Electronic locks for Businesses

Electronic locks. Safe, Easy to use and no keys to keep up with. Multiple access codes and some models can be controlled with a phone app (wifi required). Some can be controlled with bluetooth. We’re happy to give you a free consultation to discuss models and installation at your business. Contact Truett Lock and Key for more info and pricing.
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